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Seoulfull Talent Lee Min Ho 22 has been surrounded by rumors of various relationships.

MinSun Chemistry

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Blog Stats , hits. Blogroll Asian Universe Dramas sharing is caring. Archives May April March February This site uses cookies. Comment by rinoa — September 12, Comment by lhadyheart — September 15, Comment by miea — September 21, Comment by nanae — September 21, Comment by haima — September 21, Comment by kimvouch — September 22, Comment by salsa cutezzzzzzz — September 22, Comment by osa — October 1, Comment by regie — October 1, Comment by diana — October 2, Comment by grace — October 3, Comment by carmela — October 4, Comment by ruffa — October 4, Comment by wenday — October 7, Comment by marjorie — October 7, Comment by ruth — October 17, Comment by theresa — October 21, Comment by shea — October 27, Comment by laeraj — October 28, Comment by tyas — November 1, Comment by May — November 8, I learn about evertyhing in life.

I never have a special relationship with someone. I watched this DVD everyday….

Couple Comparison

Min-ho Lee and Hye-sun Koo photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Source: Yahoo Korea Translation by dunlop09 @ ygohajyzyc.tk Goo Hye Sun's response to the rumors of her dating Lee Min Ho On the morning.

I always cry eventhough i watched everyday…. For the first time in my life, i fell respect to a man, who is very strong in love, lovingcare and good life. Comment by InGrace — November 9, Comment by RiNa minozz luph minhoo — November 12, Comment by memetheinmyint — November 23, Comment by ana — November 24, U know what… i have lots of posters of U and koo hye sun ,..

MINSUN kami sangat mengharapkan kalau kalian mau go public untuk bilang kalian sangat saling mencintai. Comment by Helen — December 1, Mreka mank cocok kok jd nPa mesti kBratAN lanjutkan……………. Comment by HmP,,,,,,, — December 2, Comment by alexandria — December 3, Comment by may — December 4, Comment by angela ocampo and Rachell — December 5, Comment by Pb — December 12, Comment by Anonymous — December 15, Comment by thess — December 23, Comment by Anonymous — December 24, Comment by sandara — December 27, Comment by mae — December 27, Comment by Anonymous — December 29, Comment by yRa — December 30, Comment by sufy — December 30, Comment by janella — December 30, Comment by roxan mae — January 1, Comment by joylyn — January 2, Comment by carla — January 3, Comment by shene — January 4, Comment by Anonymous — January 6, Comment by sheylly — January 8, Comment by cerlyn — January 12, Comment by cerlyn bacas — January 12, Comment by christina — January 17, I love them to.

But the most i Love is Gu Junpyo i mean lee min hoo. I Love you Lee Min hoo,very,very,veryrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy…………. I will not forget F4. Comment by geum jandi — January 17, Comment by gertrude — January 22, Comment by Anonymous — January 26, Comment by Vina — January 30, Comment by kim so — February 1, They would make a good couple!

Lee Min Ho Teases Goo Hye Sun

Comment by Asian Craze — February 3, GO unnie and oppa! Comment by Angelica lerma — February 7, Comment by shariff — February 7, Comment by Anonymous — February 7, Comment by tamzz — February 7, Comment by lourdes — February 8, You look good together…. Comment by may rubio — February 10, Comment by quetza — February 10, Comment by deishka — February 10, Comment by marielle — February 16, Comment by crismarie cadelina — February 17, Comment by agatha — February 20, Comment by love junpyo and jandi — February 22, Lee min ho n Gu Hye-sun…………….

U two makes a perfect couple. I hope its not a rumours but real………. Comment by Leciny — February 22, Comment by lulu,India — February 22, Comment by jean — February 26, Comment by Anonymous — March 4, Comment by alyzza Vienn — March 11, Comment by reychel — March 13, Comment by indri — March 15, Comment by Galya — March 19, I wait untill your merraid.

Comment by regie — March 19, Comment by Anonymous — March 25, Comment by bella — March 27, Comment by BOForever — April 3, Comment by bella — April 3, Comment by helina — April 12, Comment by samida — April 18, Comment by hoi shatpa — April 23, Comment by Anonymous — April 30, Comment by cunade hyun phincyu — May 8, Comment by Anonymous — May 12, Comment by marzia — May 18, Comment by shaghayegh — June 7, I agree with you miju, they should act in another love romantic drama again. They are such a cute couple. No matter how many time I watch them over and over somehow I never get bored.

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Thats how much I love them. Comment by Tracie — June 7, Comment by mega — June 18, Comment by kongsokha — June 19, Comment by sita setiawati — June 22, Comment by may rubio — June 22, Comment by Anonymous — July 13, Comment by patricia — July 20, Comment by joanah lei ollis — August 2, Comment by Anonymous — August 4, Comment by dwiky — August 13, Comment by Jenny June — August 24, Comment by rizqa annisa — September 18, Comment by LOve — September 23, Comment by Andre Volkmann — October 11, Comment by swastika k.

Comment by mon — October 27, Comment by joy'c — November 13, Comment by mieechan — December 1, Comment by jefe — December 5, I wish there will be season 2. Comment by Madie — December 11, Comment by danica — December 11, Comment by Niswah Annadiyah Thalib — December 17, HI our names are leila and zahra we live in iran when we see in sky and we remember you we hope see you soon if it is impossible so i see you in other world…your smile is very beautiful and we would not see any man like you any time…we never fotget you.

Comment by Anonymous — January 15, Comment by catherine — January 15, Comment by Sam — February 19, Comment by christine — March 4, Comment by rizza — March 10, Comment by Phyllis Jane — March 16, Comment by grace — May 7, Comment by Nell — May 17, Comment by jj — May 19, Comment by shirley benita — May 20, Comment by angel — May 23, Imagine the heartrob on this entire universe the handsomest man alive is in love with you what else can you ask for,lee min ho is a work of art a perfect man , in pilipino nothing in his personality is worthless, walang itatapon.

Reshma loves LMH forever. Comment by Anonymous — July 1, Comment by jonaida dirampatan — July 27, Comment by jennifer — August 2, Comment by sisiley — August 7, Comment by angelica mae — September 9, Comment by zyshen — September 20, Comment by miera — September 25, Comment by Anonymous — October 2, Comment by my3kidz — October 7, Comment by raquel — October 8, Comment by raquel vilchez — October 8, Comment by esther — October 30, Comment by agatha desia — November 2, Comment by daphne — November 29, I HATE her so much!!!

Comment by nana — December 15, You have got an exceptionally effective website I have been below browsing for around one hour. Comment by Construction hard hats — December 18, Comment by Anonymous — December 30, Cutest Couples ever in Korean Dramas … yup!

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Comment by Susan shara — January 31, Comment by Anna — February 10, Comment by karma — February 26, Comment by jessy — February 26, Now tell me Minsun sisters, how can LMH even think of replacing our princess whose even lovelier without make-up? I've never seen any Korean actress appear in public without full-on make up. LMH couldn't keep his hands off her and I've never seen him behaved that way behind the scenes with other actresses. If I have to judge his actions voice of experience he probably wanted to grab and kiss her but he can't….. While other actresses can't wait to ensnare LMH, GHS made him work his tail off to win her and win he did after going through the wringer, being rejected by her initially until persistence won the day.

To which our princess answered coyly, "Thank you,"…..

I think this is translation of one of the many interviews. Back when you were in middle school, are all your friends boys? Like with Son Ye Jin noona, we only contact each other two or three times a year. After filming our intimate kissing scene, we also heard rumors but not about our relationship. Rumors around were saying that the chemistry between you and Park Shin Hye is quite good. But Kim Tan has so much people around him that can build such chemistry too.

Like his older brother and his mom. Who do you think you have the best chemistry with?

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I think we look the best together. The love between Tan and his mother is very adorable. I can almost compare their chemistry with the one I had with Kim Hee Sun noona. What I mean is like, a baby-like couple?

Goo Hye Sun’s response to the rumors of her dating Lee Min Ho, Sunday March 8, 2009 Korea

As men grow older, a woman becomes more attractive when she has baby-like features and character. I would like to have someone like that. What a great gift for the beginning of the year! IT make our hearts flutter , our cheeks colors with emotions and our imagination flies! Thank you for all your love towards our MinSun!