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see You have to take your turn within 30 seconds or you forfeit that turn. At the end of the game, my opponent took 25 tokens from me. A few more games and I learned that, with no tutorial, friends, or computer opponents, the learning curve against random players was very, very high.

What I have full proof that includes the quotLolquot Player.

A friend of mine pointed out that the coins do refresh. The same goes for the daily bonus of coins which resets at midnight local-time. If you are someone that plays the game every day then remembering to collect your daily coins will not be a huge deal. I understand the freemium model of pricing, but that model requires that your game be initially free, which 8 Ball Pool was not.

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While the computer generated players always look a bit confused in their decisions, a normal human player selects a ball, takes aim and adjusts this aim until satisfied.

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I am currently level But then I did a little research and took my friends advice and now am enjoying playing pool all over again. Get quickly and other players have flooded my video game profile page. Do a windows update. The good player is bored and the beginner know right away the chance of winning is next to nil.

The cheaters only take a fraction of that time and usually make no corrections for the aim either - it is a simple matter of selecting the ball and locking in to the target. Even the longest and most diffcult shots hit the hole without even touching the walls of the pocket. Complaints to Miniclip are fruitless as so far I only got computer generated responses back.

Checking the net shows available cheats for basically all platforms, except Android. Even complete tutorials on Fiddler and the setup of a patched shockwave system. What drives those idiots into cheating? In a pool game I fail to see the point as you neither improove your skills no have any real gain. But worst of all is that those idiots also flood you with chat messages as soon as it is your turn. An otherwise good game ruined by people that obvously don't have enough brain cells left to learn how to play pool But even without cheating players the selection of players is not something a beginner will like.

Constantly you encounter players with a ranking of 80 to higher than your own. The good player is bored and the beginner know right away the chance of winning is next to nil. Once you have certain experience it is ok though, still the cheaters annoy the censored out of me Tomtom GO ,Navcore 9.

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  • 8 Ball Pool Made Me Feel Like I’d Just Been Sharked By Miniclip;
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Just read this and gave it a shot. Now I'm hooked Thanks.

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Wait until you get to the cheaters or players like James level88 that make useles shots for over an hour if they have to, just so you finally free the ball so they can win. It is easy to get hooked and a lot of fun but it does not make up for the frustration of loosing a lot of coins to players that in a pool hall you simply would bash into little pieces. Ive only been playing as a guest. Whats the go with the coins and registering, do the coins turn into real money? Noticed there is an even more frustrating way to loose your coins: Must be a new one but today it happened 5 times - out of 12 tounaments I played That is how it happened in all games; 8ball is blocked right in front of the hole by another ball or it is the other way around ball in front of 8 and hole - with little to no chance to resue the ball.

The opponent will drive you nuts trying to lure you into the mistake, but when you eventually manage to freely place the white bal for a possible win the game stopps right after you potted the ball. The usual freeze you might think when the player leaves the game - but when it finally resumes you only see that you lost, both the game and tournament. In two cases the game totally froze and after restarting it I could only see that the guy that actually lost the match advanced in the tournament. As a rule of thumb thos players also bombard you constantly with useless chat messages.

To my surprise Miniclip answered my rant about this "bug" in the game, here is the response: Originally Posted by Miniclip support. We are sorry to hear that you have such difficulties with the game. However, there is no way that a corrupted transmission or any other interference from a client software could crash the game on your end. Please check that your WiFi reception is properly and that you don't run other programs in the background. We can not restore your game or statistics to a previous state as this depends on your advance during the game, if you loose a game you also loose the coins and winning percentage.

The supplied player ID's have been checked and we can not find any irregularities in the accounts.

8 ball pool matchmaking

For us it is not possible to monitor the games as they are played as only statistical data is transmitted between the devices of the players. I'm now officially done with playing this game online. The latest cheat I encountered today while in a tournament in the Tokyo Warrior hall did cost me the final against a level 10 player with no lost games so far. His cheat is simple and effective, both to win a match and to drive the other guy nuts: You just potted one of your last balls and you see the "waiting for response" message for a moment.

Takes about forever to continue, but when it does the opponent takes the ball and places it in a good position for his next shot. Ok, might have been a glitch He misses the next ball and I had a perfect lineup to pot the last ball before the 8, ball went in, games stops again and when it resumes the other guy just potted his last ball.

Fails to pot the 8 and freezes me out again so he could finally win the game. I don't know what people drives to do such crap but it surely works to make people play other games instead So much for a nice addictive game on which I wasted many hours It comes down to coins Once you got all the coins from your friends you have to loose a few games again.

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Welcome to /r/8BallPool, a subreddit designed for Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool players. Content must relate to Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool. The problem that I am having is that when I play against level 's it's a pretty fair match, but recently I have been getting wrecked. 8 Ball Pool – Gameplay issues/bugs -Game stucks momentarily on the VS screen on confirming any matchmaking request while on the results.